Sunday, October 25, 2009

music, video, picture, etc... conveter (Format Factory)

Hey again, today I'm gonna show you how to use 'Format Factory-music,video,picture, etc... conveter.....'

1) You need to download the software. You can download it at this link :

2) I think you all have download it. Then, you just open the Format Factory file and launch the 'Format Factory.exe'

3) A new windows will appear. Then, just click the files you want to convert.

4) A new windows will appear again after you clicked them. Click add file and click 'ok'.

5) Then, click 'start' and the convert is begin. Wait until the convert finish.

6) After finish converting, a new windowns will appear. If not, click the 'Output Folder'.

7) Finish.....

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