Monday, August 2, 2010

Mighty Minds - We've Been Defeted

Arghhh!!!! How can we lose!!!! We're just a step closer to be qualified to the next round!!!! We scored 14 questions out of 20 ( not really bad isn't it?? :p)
Anyway, from the list I saw, the highest score was 18 out of 20.. (WOW!!) yea, I know! WE WERE PROFESSIONAL, but THEY were MORE PROFESSIONAL than US!! (LOL?)

The competition begun almost at 10 o'clock in the morning. Before that, each of us received a burger from McDonalds (YUMMY!!) as for breakfast. After registering, each of the groups were given a wireless remote control to submit answers during the questions appeared on the screen in front of us. The science and math questions were quite easy, but the general language... wow!! It's different. For example : Napoleon was one of the greatest army and had been in many wars, but he was phobia to cats. What was this phobia name?? -something like that as I can remember. (LOL? ~_~'')

Anyway, as I was saying, we were one step closer to the next round. If we could get another 1 mark, we will be qualified.... but I guess, nothing we can do. We'll try again next year. (The questions may be harder for next year??) I dont know.... XD
Well, that's all I can share with you this time... If you have time, try to visit the competition in your state. It's good to increase your knowledge.... :p

If I don't feel lazy next time, I'll try to share the questions with you.... By the way, we were the lower secondary form... So, the questions might be EASY for some of you.... XD

All in all, goodbye for now!!!!!!

p/s : The pictures were not belong to us. I still don't get the picture that our teacher had captured. I'll try to share with you next time :)


Bunkboyz said...

Haha~~~~I know that uolz will be defeated!!!!

Dante said...

lol... but I dont know.....

NSZ said...

it's okay... as long as you had try your best!! for me,in a game or this is not in winning but to experience it... perhaps it is a good experience..but it can also be the other way round...
so,have to bear in mind that we are trying to achieve a goal not juz daydreaming to achieve the goal...

that's all from me... :)

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