Saturday, December 24, 2011

'If I Die Young' -The Band Perry by Me

Hwellows everyone~ U might been wondering why I haven't post a new thing to this blog... haha....sorry.... Actually, I had use all this time to practice playing some songs through Pianist Pro on my Ipad.... That's why.... {>_<''}

Okeyh~ Have u ever heard the song 'If I die Young' by The Band Perry?? It's a nice song for me.... and that is one of the songs that I practice on piano..... Just because I cannot read the REAL piano notes,  I have to search for the tutorial videos and followed my "Trainers' Hands". This thing costs several time (including ONE DAY sometimes XD) just to play a PART of the songs...

Anyway, this is one of the tutorial videos that I use to practice...

and this is the REAL song.... ENJOY~~~

WHAT?? U want the videos of ME playing the songs? {>_<''} I don't make 'em yet..... but I promise I will share the videos once I already GOOD in playing the song.... (that could take a million years.....!!! XD)


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